Fuckface on His Own Daughter by Unknown More Pasta

Conservative values we can all get behind ♥️🤮

She’s “voluptuous

She’s a “piece of ass”.

Perhaps I’d be dating her”.

She has “the best body”.

If I weren’t happily married…

Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?

She’s hot”.

They have “sex [in common]".

Expressing shock that a gay Apprentice contestant wasn’t attracted to her.

Also of note: A teen pageant contestant complained to Ivanka in 1997 about Trump barging into the dressing rooms while the competitors were changing clothes. Ivanka’s response: “Yeah, he does that.

And listen to the 2016 testimony of Jane Doe, who claims Trump raped her when she was 13 at one of Jeffrey Epstein’s parties. Doe says that Trump communicated to the recruiter that he was interested in her because she was wearing a blonde wig and reminded him of his daughter.

Update: More family values for a Christian nation ✨:

“Aides said he talked about Ivanka Trump’s breasts, her backside, and what it might be like to have sex with her, remarks that once led John Kelly to remind the president that Ivanka was his daughter,” Taylor writes.

“Afterward, Kelly retold that story to me in visible disgust. Trump, he said, was ‘a very, very evil man.’”