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Ah yes, I remember those times the ones on the left turned children into living bombs, hung good men from bridges after lighting them on fire, tossed gay men from roof tops, raped and genitally mutilated young children as well as women, targeted civilians with explosives as well as sniper fire… Oh wait that was the right side.
How about when they destroyed cultural landmarks in the name of their religion, beheaded men and women on camera, and were caught on the Flir camera of a drone gang banging a goat… Nope that was right side as well.

Ooof, the whataboutism and nationalism is off the charts in this one.

First off go ahead and downvote me, I know you can’t resist.

US military OEF/OIF veteran here, you’re really going to make me do this.

I’m a patriot who understands the USA has some serious fucking problems but I don’t cower and hide them and pretend we don’t have domestic radical extremists.

It’s why military members are sworn to protect against both foreign AND DOMESTIC threats.

First off, I’m muting replies to this because this isn’t for you, you’re already too lost in the sauce and drank the koolaid too deeply. This is for anyone else who thinks you even remotely have a point, because you absolutely don’t.

Let me just tell you about the left side photo guys for a second, bare with me it’s a bit long and ALL done under the same extremist right wing belief system.

Let’s rack it up, ready, here we go:

  • Assasinated Medgar Evans (1963)
  • Bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church (1963)
  • Freedom Summer Murders (1964)
  • Assassinated Viola Liuzzo (1964)
  • Joseph Paul Franklin Murder Spree (1977-1980)
  • The murder of Danny Lockin (1978)
  • The Greensboro Massacre (1979)
  • Lynching of Michael Donald (1981)
  • The murder of Vincent Chin (1982)
  • Murder of Alan Berg (1984)
  • GoldMark Family Murder (1985)
  • Murder of Mulugeta Seraw (1988)
  • Murder of David Gunn (1993)
  • Luigi’s Restaurant Shooting (1993)
  • Ladies Center Shooting (1994)
  • Brookline Abortion Clinic Shootings (1994)
  • Oklahoma City Bombing (1995)
  • Macedonia Baptist Church Arson (1995)

We only just started getting into the greatest hits of the American right wing’s domestic terrorists.

Let’s keep it up!

  • Centennial Olympic Park Bombing (1996)
  • Northside Family Planning Bombing (1997)
  • Otherside Lounge Bombing (1997)
  • Birmingham Abortion Clinic Bombing (1998)
  • James Byrd’s Murder (1998)
  • Murder of Matthew Shepard (1998)
  • Murder of Barnett Slepian (1998)
  • Murder of Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder (1999)
  • Benjamin Smith’s Indiana and Illinois Murder Sprees (1999)
  • Los Angeles Jewish Community Center Shooting (1999)
  • Wedgewood Baptist Church Shooting (1999)

Wow these right wing guys really like bombing and shooting innocent people! Specifically people that seems to disagree with them or speak against them.

But noooo, no way way they’re like the Taliban, of course not.

Though they did do a lot in the 90s, hmm, let’s keep it going! 2000s here we come!

  • Pittsburgh Shootings (2000)
  • Murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi (2001)
  • Dallas Murder Sprees (2001)
  • Manhunt and Shootings of Jacob Robida (2006)
  • Death of Sean Kennedy (2007)
  • Knoxville Church Shooting (2008)
  • Woodburn Bank Bombing (2008)
  • Assassination of George Tiller (2009)

Yeah they fucking shot up a Holocaust museum, but totally not like the taliban. Anyway let’s keep pushing:

  • West Memphis Police Shootings (2010)
  • Tucson Shootings (2011)
  • Spokane Bombings (2011)
  • Murder of James Craig Anderson (2011)
  • Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting (2012)
  • Los Angeles International Airport Shooting (2013)
  • Overland Park Jewish Community Center Shooting (2014)
  • Las Vegas Shootings (2014)
  • Pennsylvania State Police Barracks Attack (2014)
  • Charleston Church Shooting (2015)
  • Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting (2015)
  • Minneapolis Shooting (2016)
  • Olathe, Kansas Shooting (2017)
  • Murder of Timothy Caughman (2017)
  • Portland Train Attack (2017)
  • Assault of DeAndre Harris (2017)
  • Charlottesville Car Attack (2017)
  • Aztec High School Shooting (2017)
  • Blaze Bernstein’s Murder (2018)
  • US Mail Bombing Attempts (2018)
  • Jefferstown Kroger Shooting (2018)
  • Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting (2018)
  • Escondido Mosque Arson (2019)
  • Louisiana Multiple Black Church Fires (2019)
  • Poway Synagogue Shooting (2019)
  • Dallas Courthouse Shooting (2019)
  • El Paso Shooting (2019)
  • Boogaloo Killings (2020)

And of course, as a veteran my all time favorite of the right wings greatest hits:

The 2021 storming and assault on the United States Capitol in Washington D.C.

Amazing how consistent those right wing domestic terrorists are, literally active in every decade! Now that’s dedication to their cause!

Can’t wait to see their next “totally not at all terrorists like the taliban” efforts in the coming years.

As a veteran and a patriot I will gladly talk about all the good and fucking evil America has done. I’m not a fake nationalist who will pretend that shit didn’t happen because I want to hold my countrymen accountable and make this place better.

People like the poster above me is too deep into whataboutism and nationalism to ever see the fucking point.

The list for anyone who wants to explore: