Idiots Out Walking Around -IV

It would appear that Iowa’s Republican-led legislature is dead-set on turning this state into the laughing stock that most other Republican-led states are. Some achievements, in no particular order:

Representative Carter Nordman
I am extremely proud that Governor Kim Reynolds signed HF 847 last night that included my Pledge of Allegiance in schools bill. Starting next school year, all public schools will begin leading their students in the pledge each day! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Why Iowa has only given out 2% of $195 million rent aid — and won’t apply for more federal funds

Iowa Finance Authority Director Debi Durham says she takes full responsibility ->5 secs later “I would tell you the majority of it is not our fault,” Durham said.
Several Republican governors, including Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, announced they would sent troopers from their states to help protect the border — noting the “rise in drugs, human trafficking and violent crime has become unsustainable.” But Iowa officials will answer few questions beyond that about the deployment. -->

Governor blasts ‘wokeness’

Iowa lawmakers are talking about adding possible legislation to an already planned special session to stop private businesses requiring employees to get COVID-19 vaccines. be_poster_noted/
But since those states stopped the extra aid, the workforce shortage remains. Workforces in the 25 states that maintained the extra federal benefits until the program expired in September have seen better workforce growth than the states that ended the extra benefits early, according to an analysis of state-by-state data by the Associated Press.
“Policymakers were pinning too many hopes on ending unemployment insurance as a labor market boost,” Fiona Greig, managing director of the JPMorgan Chase Institute, which used bank account data to study the issue, told the AP. “The work disincentive effects were clearly small.”
In Iowa, Gov. Kim Reynolds cut off the extra benefits effective June 12.
“Now that our businesses and schools have reopened, these payments are discouraging people from returning to work,” she said at the time.

The department is trying to ease hospital reporting requirements because Iowa hospitals are facing staffing shortages, she said.

Dr. Megan Srinivas, an Iowa-based infectious disease physician and public health researcher, expressed concern about the policy change because it hampers local public health efforts and reduces transparency for the general public.

“Home county is a key factor in tracking outbreaks and enabling appropriate public health mitigation in a timely manner,” she said.

So the voters can’t be trusted, the poll workers can’t be trusted the voting machines can’t be trusted, the media can’t be trusted, Bill Barr can’t be trusted, the guy who was in charge of election security can’t be trusted, the appellate courts can’t be trusted, and the Supreme Court can’t be trusted.

But Donald Trump can be trusted.

Roll that around in your head for about 3 minutes and realize how incredibly mind-bogglingly stupid that sounds.

“Unlike so many states, Iowa’s economy stayed open, and so did Grace on Main,” Reynolds said tonight.

The Shelby County pizza place, however, is closed for the time being.

“Michael is still recovering from COVID,” read the restaurant’s update.

“Children die and to make it about a team in Sioux City, giving away an AR-15, to have some sort of connection to that is just absurd,” Bond said. “To make this a political opportunity for people who have an agenda is absurd.”

Regent warns ISU to allow free speech in the teaching of climate science

Iowa research universities slip in U.S. News global rankings

Party of Small Government

Citing a ‘culture war,’ Senate panel advances bill to repeal gender-balance law

Gadsden Plate 47

Christian Behaviour:
What are the real reasons for policies like the one we see in Iowa?
Research points to political ideology, perceptions of the poor as being undeserving, and a comfort with a paternalism, preferring intrusive bureaucracies to direct support.

A new Iowa bill would roll back child labor laws, allowing 14 to 17-year-olds to work in mining, meatpacking, demolition, operating guillotine shears, and other dangerous jobs. Under the business-backed bill, employers wouldn’t be civilly liable if kids are injured or killed.

GOP lawmakers propose amending Iowa Constitution to ban gay marriage

20 House Republicans Sign Bill To Ban Nearly All Abortion In Iowa

Both these were around the time Iowa Democrats introed a bill to legalize pot. There was a “both sides political theater” argument. Not the same. For obvious fucking reasons

We’re not talking about making sure Iowans have extensive and affordable healthcare. We’re not talking about water quality, CAFOs, loss of habitat for our wildlife. We’re not talking about making sure Iowa workers have paid leave, living wages, parental leave, adequate work-life balance. We’re not talking about affordable housing. We’re not talking about affordable higher education.

Ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors heads to Reynolds’ desk

62% of Iowans oppose Gov. Kim Reynolds’ private school scholarships law, Iowa Poll finds

‘I’m going to have to use the girls bathroom’: Transgender dads concerned about implications of ‘bathroom bill’

Iowa’s corrupt governor ends her own illegal deal.

“Iowa on the list: One in four college applicants avoids entire states for political reasons”

Bring your guns to school. Why the fuck not?

Rob Sand hobbled by the House %251%24s&aoh=16821196956338&csi=0&

Iowa legislature passes bill restricting state auditor’s access to records

Iowa’s new private school scholarship program has ‘lack of oversight’, state auditor says

Our Governor on her Daddy’s Indictment

Gov. Kim Reynolds sent a letter this past week to President Joe Biden seeking federal help in dealing with the aftermath of the tragic apartment building collapse in Davenport.
And she didn’t refer to him as a “radical socialist” even once. The restraint is admirable.

“Roast and Ride”
Pence later told the Roast and Ride crowd, "I rode, and I roasted.”

This County Chose an Election Denier, 9/11 Truther, and QAnon Conspiracist to Run Its Elections

Moms for Liberty

Yes, Iowa Republicans filed a bill to ban same-sex marriage. No, it’s not going anywhere.
One male and one female

Mark Rissi, Cedar Rapids, arrested for threats

US Dept. of Labor confirms Iowa’s new child labor law violates federal law

House Republicans vote to immediately ban guaranteed income programs in Iowa, before results from the first study are known

Sixteen attorneys general tell YouTube to stop ‘targeting pro-life messages’

Party of Principles Governor endorses rapist insurrection fomentor with 91 indictments.

Iowa House Democrats protest ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ license plate proposal

Iowa legislator: I’d ban all plant-based meat products from Iowa if I could

Says woman whose office is currently in court trying to make it harder for non-English speakers to vote.

Water quality

Get over shooting
They had an SRO
Reddit thread

Iowa Republicans unveil latest plan to arm teachers with guns

Iowa lawmakers advance bill to define ‘man’ and ‘woman’

Proposed legislation would strip Iowa’s watershed management authorities of water quality efforts

Republicans are redefining the word ‘equal’ in an Iowa anti-trans bill

Senators rewrite bill to restrict research of meat substitutes

Beyond voluntary: It’s time to get serious about clean water in Iowa

Hog Poop from Iowa Is Polluting Your Water

Iowa Republicans pass personhood bill that critics say could threaten IVF care

Republican farmers in Iowa say they want Donald Trump as their U.S. president, buoyed by the historic sums of money his administration handed out to farms and despite his talk of trade wars that could tank already stifled U.S. agricultural exports.

An Iowa farm county seeks answers amid cancer rates 50% higher than national average