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Richard Serra on Art

Q: Why make art? What do you find by doing it? What does it get you?

Serra: I always wanted an alternative existence. And by that I mean I wanted to do something where I could study my own sentiments and experiences. And I found that I can do that in relation to making things and making art in particular. And I did that since I was a kid it was a place I always could go to that I could concentrate and deal with the problems that I thought were of interest to me. And if I was clear enough about what it was that I was probing,
and stayed with the premise of I was probing, it was possible that it could also be clear to someone else, and it was important that it not be something that somebody else has done.

I think one of the things art does is that it asks you to perceive what it is on its own level […] I think works of art engage, possibly, an ‘internal memory bank’ that isn’t linear and it can make you see the outside reality in that way also.

That’s from a recording at the SF MoMA. I first heard of him after moving to Des Moines and seeing his “Five Plate Pentagon” at our beautiful sculpture park.

Image Source: DSM Public Art Foundation

Light Pollution Map

DarkSiteFinder is a map of light pollution around the world.

The maintainer explains why he doesn’t use the Bortle Scale. In Iowa, Lake Sugema and The Whiterock Conservancy appear to be the ‘best’ places to see some (more) stars.

Midwest Distances

| Next door | 1 - 2 miles |
| Right up the road | 5 - 10 miles |
| Up North | 15 - 100 miles |
| A couple miles | 10 - 20 miles |
| Not too far | 20 - 50 minutes |
| A little ways | Over an hour |
| A pretty good drive | 2 hours+ |
| Drive down there | Literally any direction |

Can attest 😆. Via.

Fleur Drive, March, 2019

Fleur Drive, March, 2019

via /r/desmoines. Source unknown.

Ankeny & Saudi Arabia

Ankeny or Saudi Arabia? If you had to choose one to live in, which would you pick?

Depends. One is full of religious wackos, and the other one is in a desert.


Pageants of Light

Kei Nomiyama and Radim Schreiber take otherworldly photos of fireflies (and other things)

Photo by Kei Nomiyama

The latter will be at the Des Moines Botanical Center exhibiting his “Firefly Experience”