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Witch is cmd + tab on steroids.

Hugo Migration

Gave Hugo a try and was quite impressed by the ease and speed. The official documentation kinda sucks at introducing key ideas (like taxonomies) in a gradual way that’s helpful to newcomers, but is great for variable and function references. Found these two posts very helpful. Here’s another that explains template variable scope well. And another that goes over theme development step-by-step.

Sticking to Jekyll for now since

  • I don’t post that often and can wait a minute for recompilation if/when I have that many posts
  • Hugo does not compile SASS like Jekyll; don’t want to make an asset pipeline or turn to readymade solutions like this
  • It doesn’t do archives like Jekyll. Approaches like these might be creative but… 🤷‍♂️

Hugo is as insanely fast as advertized. I love the section and taxonomy abstractions, myriad content types, and I18n support. I’d use it to build any static website that’s not a blog. For now, Viva Jekyll.

Literary Clock

Made a “Literary Clock” inspired by Jaap Meijer’s repurposing of an old Kindle. Might not be a bad use for an old iPad. Reminds me that I need to get Mark Formanek’s Standard Time onto a Raspberry Pi at some point.

08/24/18 There’s an app (of course)

Standard Time by Mark Formanek

Buckling Springs & Vintage Terminals

This will generate the incomparable Model M’s keyboard sounds “mainly for the purpose of annoying the hell out of” your coworkers. Sold 🙌

This is a beautiful and highly configurable application that emulates classic terminals. It also has a delightfully persuasive way of getting you to buy the full version (a mere $5)

Jan 22 2019: Website went poof. Here’s the App Store link.