Only Murders in the Building (2021–) IMDb A+

Whip smart, very taut writing. Selena Gomez was perfect. Bromance and chemistry was 100%.

Only Murders in the Building is not just enjoyable for its genre-appropriate whimsy, its ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats for 10 episodes, or for the parallels it draws between its characters and us as viewers. Similar to Knives Out, Only Murders in the Building works because it succeeds on all of these fronts simultaneously whilst giving viewers a cast of characters we can become deeply invested in. The show is not just about finding out who killed Tim Kono; it’s also about making sure Mabel’s happy, that Oliver can direct again, that Charles finds a love worthy of him. We are invested in the joy of these characters just as much as we are invested in the ways we, as mystery-loving audience members, mirror them at their best and worst.